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Flashblade gives Ion Geophysical a Seismic Shift in Storage Performance

FlashBlade enabled ION to more quickly and cost effectively deliver subsurface insights without compromise.


ION Geophysical  is a leading provider of seismic data and processing services to the global oil and gas industry. Processing seismic data is extremely data- and compute-intensive. ION processes huge amounts of data to provide its oil and gas industry clients with 2D and 3D subsurface images in prospective hydrocarbon basins. By installing FlashBlade™ solutions from Pure Storage, ION can process more data in less time and more effectively use its high-performance computing resources, delivering better service to its exploration and production customers


  • Oil & Gas, Services, Technology


  • North America

Use Cases

  • High Performance Computing



  • Extremely large surveys with dense data (many hundreds of TB) required large storage bandwidth on non-large block sequential reads.
  • Restricted bandwidth of legacy storage system slowed ION performance and threatened some high profile project deadlines.
  • Servers were not fully utilized for seismic data processing, wasting investment and slowing delivery of results to clients.


Business Transformation

FlashBlade enabled ION to utilize all of its resources and increase data center throughput, making it possible for ION to more quickly and costeffectively deliver subsurface insights without compromise, informing customers’ critical exploration and production decisions.

IT Transformation

  • A FlashBlade system in 4U offers the same bandwidth as 50 full racks of legacy storage.
  • FlashBlade serves up data so efficiently that servers are now optimally utilized.
  • Compact FlashBlade footprint resulted in operating cost savings, and a more than two-thirds reduction in the staff needed to manage storage.

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