SurveyMonkey Pinpoints Preference for Flash Storage from Pure


  • Keeping pace with growing volumes of survey responses worldwide
  • Delivery of new, reliable enterprise-scale products
  • Avoid slow response times for customers

Solution Highlights

  • Up to 50% improvement in database access response times
  • Sub-1ms performance for over 98% of IOPS
  • Ability to run multiple simultaneous database images with no additional CAPEX

Business Value Achieved

  • Successful rollout of new enterprise-scale products
  • Greater analytic functions offered to customers, faster
  • Considerable drop in storage-related expenses
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Thanks to Pure Storage we now offer more functionality to our users, and that gives us greater advantages over our competition.

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Gartner names Pure Storage a Leader in the 2018 Magic Quadrant Solid-State Arrays 5 Years in a Row

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