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Zenuity Develops Vehicles of the Future with AI

Automotive company races ahead on the road to autonomous driving.


Zenuity, a joint venture of Volvo Cars and Autoliv, is racing ahead on the road to autonomous driving with software powered by deep learning. The company built their AI infrastructure on NVIDIA® DGX-1 and Pure Storage® FlashBlade, delivering the ultimate platform for their data scientists and researchers to make autonomous vehicles smarter and safer.


  • Automotive


  • Global

Use Cases

  • AI/Deep Learning – NVIDIA DGX-1™, Pure Storage®, FlashBlade™, Tensorflow, PyTorch



The Zenuity team knew they needed ground-breaking performance to handle the exponentially increasing volume of sensory data to be trained on their models. This would permit them to iterate on models developed rapidly without losing valuable development cycles. Storage capacity was doubling every 18 months.

  • Autonomous driving software is entrusted with making crucial, real-time decisions.
  • The company needed to handle the exponentially increasing volume of sensory data.
  • The industry faces a trade-off between processing more data — which is essential to deliver improvements in safety — and accelerating time-to-market.


Business Transformation

Due to a breakthrough in AI infrastructure, Zenuity has taken a leadership position in autonomous driving with deep learning. Data scientists can process the amount of data needed to ensure safety without compromising product timeline.

IT Transformation

  • With its compact form factor and simplicity, FlashBlade delivers a petabyte in just 8U.
  • The solution enables the company to make ground-breaking progress in reducing training run intervals.
  • The company reduced training times, which means IT investment is better utilized and data scientists are more productive.

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